Your Ministry Connection Point

THE MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE : Your ministry connection point

Christian Global Outreach Ministries [CGOM] ordained ministers work in various fields to meet the needs of the Body of Christ, by sharing the Good News to the World.  We've been developing a way for our ministers to fellowship with each other and to expand their reach.

The MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE is now your connection point to local ministers and to help you reach more of the  people you serve.

Phase 1 (NOW): CGOM DIRECTORY  Ministers can now serve in a global way by posting ministry contact information so that people who need your services can find you.

This resource list allows you to network and fellowship by connecting you with ministers in your local area or ministry category.

Phase 2:  Ministerial Alliance - Regional - Representatives from each region of the US and all over the world will create local groups that can meet, fellowship, learn and serve.  Ministers will be able to network with people close to home and abroad.  We expect to roll out this phase in Fall 2023.

All CGOM Ministers who are in good standing, are welcome to be part of the MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE .  Even if you are just getting started or just want to connect with other ministers, make sure to take part of this amazing resource.

We look forward to connecting with you and helping to strengthen you in your ministry journey.

Serve Admirably.